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IRM (Inspection Repair Maintenance) WORKS

BuWon Tech provides high quality inspection, repair and maintenance services, developing repair strategies in case
damage is found and putting in place plans for preventive maintenance.
BuWon Tech manages the various types of IRM operations through experienced personnel, a network of vessel owners and subsea contractors. This well-established network around the world enables

BuWon Tech to always find the most cost-effective method of delivering your IRM solution.
Our IRM operations typically include :

•  Platforms inspections
•  Site survey with 3D Scanning
•  Procurement & Fabrication
•  Sandblasting, Painting, Insulation
•  Underwater Scope (Diving, ROV)
•  Splash Zone Coating
•  Mechanical Repair & Replacement
•  Subsea infrastructure
•  Pipelines inspections and repairs
•  Well site surveys and inspections

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