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Modular Refinery

Manufactured in modules that can be transported separately and assembled, together with trunking, on site to create
the refining facility. Each module is constructed on a skid system and can be barge/vehicle/land mounted, thus
permitting the refinery to be utilised in hard to access areas.
DBH executes all engineering studies, pre-engineering works, site EIA, construction of feedstock and product storage
tanks, the fabrication of the modular refinery, delivery to site, training of refinery operators and commissioning.

DBH variously EPCO (Engineer/Procure/Construct)/Operate the facility.

Commissioning and start-up of an operation takes place in two steps :

1. Training of personnel and dry run
2. Go live on stream

The production throughput of the modular refinery is determined according to product demand. Given the modular
construction of the refinery, the facility is easily scalable so as to cope with increasing product demand. The ratio of
refined products can be adjusted according to demand by the addition of diesel/kerosene strippers.

The precise ratio of refined products will depend on the specification of the feedstock.

DBH can supply an estimated product breakdown for potential customers on provision of a crude oil specification.
DBH is also able, under certain circumstances, to source feedstock supplies and product off-takes for its facilities,
subject to location.

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