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Offshore Facility Engineering and Fabrication

BuWon Tech. performs EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation) experienced Korean shipyards such as HHI, SHI and DSME.

Today we have a pool of experienced people working across current geographies of operation such as the Korean
shipyards, West Africa and East Africa.

BuWon Tech. can provide a “Total Solution” for EPCIC service its clients.

Offshore Main product

We perform total solution from FEED to Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning for Offshore Structures like :

- Offshore Fixed Platform. (Wellhead & Production Platform, Living Quarter)
- Pipelaying
- Jacket and Topside fixed platform Installation.
- SPM/FSU/FPU/FPSO Installation

After receiving turnkey orders for various Fixed Platforms in worldwide oil fields and large jackets, a sub-structure for oil and gas production, BuWon Tech. completes the entire process from bulk fabrication, connection on site, to a trial run
with great precision within time. The company offers a total offshore oil and gas production system using a Fixed
Platforms that allows its client to manufacture jackets and various platforms such as gas compression, oil refining, and
hydrostatic spindle injection facility, and to manage world-class marine design engineering, transportation, installation
on the sea, underwater pipe installation, and material suppliers under a single system.

Offshore Drilling

High-Specification Offshore Drilling

High-Specification Offshore Drilling We are a leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services for
energy companies, owning and operating among the world's most versatile fleets with a particular focus on deep sea
and harsh-environment drilling. Today, BuWon Offshore Division is responsible for drilling on 2(two) managed offshore platforms in these regions. Many of these platforms have been designed by our specialist engineering division which
supports our clients with new-build fixed drilling platform design or upgrade projects ranging from minor modifications to large rig refurbishment projects.

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