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We do not compromise with the safety and do our best to satisfy the client requirements through continuous environment improvement.

Providing safe working conditions and maintaining continuity of employment is of continual concern.
In this regard, At BuWon Tech co., ltd. we believe that it is possible to provide more efficient and economical services in various fields we are involved in when the safety of employees and physical property would be best ensured by a
meaningful system.
We, BuWon Tech, have been growing up significantly by our remarkable attention for safety, health and environment.
We are so conscious of the importance related to safety matters that we consider it the primary factor for company to advance forward and would continue to explore new ways of commitment to ensure safety and protection while
striving to expand our business growth opportunities every day.

1. Work Environment Management Regulations
A. General Philosophy

B. Purpose

  1. It is aimed to make clean working environment by cleaning dust, rust, and dirt by clearing un-necessities and extra possessions and by establishing visible management system.
  2. It is aimed to improve the will to work and betterment through reducing cost, improving efficiency and quality, preventing breakdown of equipment and safety accident, etc. by eliminating waste factors in the work place according to the ingrained habit of cleaning activity.
  3. It is aimed to make work atmosphere cheerful and worthy by improving welfare for all the employees by reorganizing working environment in order to safely work in the pleasant environment.

C. 5S Movement

5S Definition Effect
Disposing To resolutely dispose of un-necessities after distinguishing what is necessary. • Space provided
• Prevent safety accident
• Cost reduction
Arranging To pursuit the way to put objectives in accordance with the safety quality efficiency and to arrange up for anyone to use what is needed recognizing them in the designated place. • Working time reduction
• Cost reduction
Cleaning To maintain operation all the time by conducting inspection of machinery and equipment with early detection and repair as keeping in dirt, contamination-free environment. • Rate of operation improved
• Repair time reduction
• Machine life extended
• Quality improved
Cleanliness To make good working environment in good arranging, ordering, and cleaning state. Problems are early detected, if any, and principally, it means not to contaminate the state. • Work environment improved
• Morale increased
• Turnover rate reduction
• The accumulation of technology
Habituation To master what they trained and observe the certain details. • The rationalization of management
• Business competitiveness enhanced
• Welfare increased

※ Our Health, Safety, and Environment Management System is based on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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