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“We sincerely pray for the infinite development of our company.”

Dear our valuable customers & partners

Bu-Won Tech. was established in order to provide more efficient and economical services in petrochemical plant,
Offshore EPCIC, Offshore Installation & Operation, Onshore Oil & LNG terminal Plant and Specialize commissioning
services with cleaning & pressure equipment rental services.
In spite of the current uncertain plant industry, all employees including myself are finding several ways to strengthen
our services and expanding new business growth opportunities.

Bu-Won Tech. has been grown up remarkably by our special know-how in this field.
First of all, we equip a number of cutting edge equipment which enables us to provide more customized services in
order to meet customer's different and special request these days.

We, moreover, have the proven experience on both onshore and offshore, with those successes both domestically and
internationally, we will continue to strive for technology and service innovation to satisfy our customers.
Our tireless efforts will never abate until we become a leading global company.
We sincerely invite clients to visit us and see what we can do for our clients and thanks for clients continuous support.

Thank you.

Address : 53, Myeongbonggeonam-ro, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea | Tel : +82(52)-236-2025 | FAX : +82(52)-236-2026 | E-Mail :

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